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ChatDollars is the leading chat line affiliate program and the first to offer a Dating Affiliate Program for the highly popular phone chat line industry by partnering with the wildly popular Talk121 phone chat.



A Quick Look At Big Ticket To Wealth

When a new product comes online, it's easy to dismiss it as just another version of the same old thing. That might go for the compensation plans as well. However, this brand new program and product line might be worth a second look.

Here's just a fraction of the products offered and a quick look at the compensation plan touted to be the most lucrative now available. E-books Available As a result of having gone through just one of the programs, readers will be exposed to skills to become "Web Marketing Specialists" and have know-how to use all of the Internet's resources to dramatically increase their web site's traffic and quickly. If you are wanting more people to get to your site, meaning specifically-targeted people that are there for the right reasons, you can of course blindly throw lots of money into pay per click ads and cross your fingers and hope to get results.

Would it be nice if you could have access to software that will notify you that you are paying too much money per click? There's also software that allows you to track your bids so you know exactly where you are getting the most traffic. Grab your customer's attention with exciting descriptions. Gary Shawkey and His Number One Student Brian Garvin show every secret Brian uses to make over $15,000 monthly from affiliate programs. It guides you step by step with the code you need to include in your pages. I have only scraped the surface of what is offered. What's included are highly useful powerful tools that virtually anyone with a website will want to use to generate income for their online business.

What's nice about these programs is that they are products you will want to dig into right away that are to-the-point training manuals with methods techniques and strategies that you can build your online business around. There's even a program for some fun and I'll let you find out what that is on your own. The products are needed and stand on their own, now a bit on the compensation plan that is advertised as being "The most lucrative turn-key wealth-creation system in the world".

The compensation plan offers three ways to be paid through the company, the Presidential membership holding the highest compensation. Those that purchase the product line at the Presidential level can earn $900 overrides on every sale made through their website without passing up any sales to a sponsor, an automated website is automatically given to each and every customer purchasing the products so that in turn, they can reap the benefits of 100% resale right of virtually all the products. Take a look at the unique compensation plan that generates monthly residual income from anyone sponsored. If a member who has enrolled in he program at the Presidential level they will earn a $900 commission on every new member brought in through their automated website and also a $50 a month residual income from each new member they bring in. If a person brings in ten people, $9000 in compensation is made directly to that person and each month another $500 of income will follow. As a presidential member for example, the income potential from just a ten member down line with each member bringing in just en new members is 1 million dollars per year.

A Flash Video explains this very clearly on the company's website. Those wanting to earn more from their online business, Realtors, contractors, or virtually anyone with a website will find the products to be powerful tools that will save them time and effort. Compare these products with others such as EDC Gold, Passport to Wealth or Wealthy Marketer for example. You might think that the products are all the same as what you've seen before, but note that there are products exclusive to this program only.

Compare the compensation plans as well and you will note, there is no passing up sales to an up line sponsor.

Eric Latocki is an online business owner and Internet Marketer and Mentor. Contact him at ExperienceBigTicket@gmail.com. Web Page: http://www.sixfiguregroup.org 928-701-4517

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