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Autoresponders And Your Customer Service

Generally, customer service is performed one on one with each client. It works wonderfully offline, however online communications do not offer this luxury. With clients all over the world, it is not possible to deal with each personally. Autoresponders are excellent business tools for such situations as this. Autoresponders make customer service so much easier. An autoresponder can send out sales receipts for a completed order, as well as information for accessing the product and thank you emails.

Autoresponders are there to use whether at your computer or enjoying a well deserved vacation. However, customer service does not stop there. If you are away from your computer, you may be letting one of your clients down.

For example, an elderly man finds your product interesting and places his order. Everything is fine. He gets his receipt, the download information and the thank you email. The product an ebook you have compiled into a PDF downloadable file.

However, this man has no idea what a PDF file is or what you mean by right click to download. He needs customer service. He has purchased your product, needs help and there is no one around, with the exception of your autoresponder. You should also set up an additional autoresponder that sends out a FAQ or frequently asked questions for problems that concern customer service and how to access the product. You need a support autoresponder for such occasions. When he sends a message to support, he should receive an email telling him that the message has been received and when it will be addressed.

This provides him with a bit of comfort. In most cases, clients will wait for an exact period of time for assistance. On the other hand, if he has no idea how to download the ebook sends his message to support and receives no reply, more than likely he will quickly become very dissatisfied.

Autoresponders can and should be set up in less than 5 minutes. This can make a difference between an irate client and a patient client. It really is worth the time to do so. Sit down and consider any potential problem that may arise for your clients when thinking out your ordering process. Once you have your autoresponder, set up for addressing these problems you will find satisfied customers enjoying your customer service. Why is this? It is because your autoresponder handled their problems promptly.

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