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Copywriting for Success in Your Internet Business

One thing to remember about internet marketing is that this business is in a dog-eat-dog world! In the world of internet marketing, you have 3-5 seconds to capture your audiences' attention with the text and graphics on your website. When your consumer first comes to your homepage, they want three things up front: your product's title, what it does, and how much it costs. You have to employ effective copy writing that will convince your consumer that they should stay on your website and use your services. Consider your own internet experience.

How many times have you gone to a website for a product, only to be bogged down by two or three paragraphs about the discovery of the product on the front page? Or how the product works? Did you buy that product? If you're like most web-shoppers, you immediately clicked the "X" button and went elsewhere for a similar product. The front page simply had too much in one small space, and you had too little time to read it all. Your audience doesn't want a diatribe about how you discovered your product, or why they should buy it on the front page- all of that comes later! The ideal website should open with a simple title page that has your products title and a few concise sentences about what it actually accomplishes. The sentences should be snappy and straight to the point. You should incorporate something unique in this sentences as well- how is your product different than all the other products out there? Why should the consumer buy your product over everyone else's? Another important consideration is the graphics you choose for your site. Your logo should be clear at the top of every page.

Ideally, if you can, come up with a creative motto for your site! Keep in mind this motto should not be more than 5-7 words, at the most. Attach the motto to your graphic for a professional look. You should then have a clear navigation bar that lists whatever other information you want to convey to the consumer. Never use more than three words in your bullets that you list in your navigation bar. A simple "History", "How To Use", "Catalog", "Articles" and other titles similar to these suffice to grab the consumer's attention.

Now that you have a professional title page with these key elements, you must make sure you have enough staying power so your consumer continues to browse your site. You can increase your staying power with a few simple tricks: keep the pages consistent throughout, make sure every single link works, and keep the text on your site concise and appropriate. The more consistent your pages are throughout your site, the more professional and credible YOU look. Also, never publish your site online until you are 110% sure that every link is functional. The moment your consumer clicks on a non-functioning link, they usually click "X" the next and stop using your site.

Finally, the hardest part for you as a seller is coming up with the text of your site. A page on your site should NEVER have more than 3-4 paragraphs, especially if you have a site that deals with the average consumer. When a consumer opens up your "How To Use" page, and you have more than a page of text, they usually scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. The consumer quickly becomes disheartened at the amount of effort they have to put into your site just to see how to use your product! They lose interest and quickly stop using your site.

If you are a graphics-intensive site, make sure that you don't boggle down your consumers with too many high-impact graphics on one page. Using too many bright colors and flashy graphics can make a site look unprofessional and less credible. Consumers may start to think you are trying to distract them with "shiny graphics". Keep your graphics simple, concise and professional.

Your ads that you place should be discreet and seamlessly flow with the tables in your site. If you have an ad-based website, make sure that each ad banner has the same general size. If you have few that aren't the same shape or size as the others, add spice to your site by using tables to set ads side by side. Using these simple and effective copywriting methods on your professional website will ensure you look professional, credible, and motivated to satisfy your consumer! A quality website that gives a great first impression will make you appear innovative and driven to change their lives with your product.

For more information on copywriting and other internet marketing strategies visit http://TheInternetBusinessAuthority.com

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