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Make Your Online Business Successful From the Start With These Two Factors

There is one common mistake shared by ALL new Online Marketers - Avoid it! Does this sound familiar?: "Sell a product to a market that you know! Find your passion, your expertise, and the market is easy to sell to!" That’s a common piece of advice that you’ve been told (or will be) as you begin your very lucrative Internet Marketing Business. Don’t believe it! That advice comes from well-meaning “experts”. But it leads to certain disappointment and eventual, inevitable failure.

You can make many mistakes along the path to Internet Riches, but following that advice dooms you to failure even before you begin. There are two ingredients absolutely necessary to ensure your success in Internet Marketing: 1) Huge Demand 2) Buyers If you start by examining your passions or expertise, you might produce a product on that knowledge. It might be easy to write an eBook about your passionate interest.

The words would flow smoothly. But, that eBook could mean the World to you, but have low or no demand. What if your passion was gardening, and you write a book on how to grow flowers that stink? Aha, you say, no one else is offering this, and there are millions of gardeners. There is NO demand for stinky flowers.

Even if you find that there are people searching in Google for stinky flowers, and there is some interest for them within the gardening communities, you’d never be able to sell enough of that eBook to make a great income, let alone a living from it. Or, maybe you have found a topic that already has a huge following? For example, there is a gigantic market with a common interest: Jokes! Therefore, your plan is to attack that market with your very own joke book. This plan is also doomed. Not because there is no Huge Demand, but because there are no Buyers. At most, a precious few will buy your eBook.

Nearly everyone searching online for jokes, are looking for free ones – there are millions available – for free! There is not enough money in that market to make your six-figure income. So, what IS necessary to make that much money through Online Marketing? You MUST tap into a market that has a Huge Demand – PLUS – Buyers The visitors to your website must have their credit cards in hand – ready to buy your solution to their problem! So now you know the formula: Huge Demand + Buyers = YOUR MONSTER ONLINE MARKETING INCOME! Using this formula from the very start will bring such success that it will be impossible to stop the money from pouring into your bank account! But, you say, I don’t know how to produce a product, nor write a book. You don’t need to! Marketers who have neither products nor books of their own make thousands of dollars every day! They are making their livings through commissions from selling other peoples’ products and eBooks. Just imagine how much the actual owners of those products and eBooks are making every day! You can find products with Huge Demand + Buyers and thereby make your fortune too! Imagine; day after day, thousands of Buyers visit your website needing the product or eBook you’re selling - $$$$$ Then, find another, and another, and another…. What’s more, a digital eBook has nearly ZERO overhead and shipping costs – it’s all profit! BUT – you must start by finding a hot market with a Huge Demand Remember: It’s as easy to sell a product that's in high-demand as it is to sell an eBook on stinky flowers! These two factors – Huge Demand and Buyers - always separate those millionaires who succeed in Internet Marketing from the wannabes. Don’t listen to those mistaken gurus: Simply sell what thousands are already buying! The path to your online fortune is selling; not to your passion, not even ABOUT your passion.

It has NOTHING to do with your passions, your expertise nor even your interests. It IS: Huge Demand + Buyers There you go… are you marketing with those two factors as your base, your starting point? Or are you struggling while making a few dollars occasionally by marketing to your passions?.

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