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Mike Dillard And Magnetic Sponsoring Can It Work For You

So who is Mike Dillard and what does he represent to the MLM and internet marketing industries? This article presents an unbiased look at Mike Dillard and his approach to marketing. Mike's claim to fame is that he was a waiter who went on to make as much as $354,000 in 7 days by the time he was 28 years old. He states that he discovered the proper use of positioning, and "sellucation", his term for the art of self-selling through education. He says that this was possible by using the techniques that he teaches in his book, "Magnetic Sponsoring.Mike presents ideas in his book to help you develop your marketing skills and in turn become a magnetic sponsor.

Today Mike spends his time and efforts teaching network marketers the proper strategies of marketing and magnetic sponsoring through seminars and speaking engagements. He also serves as a marketing consultant to industry leaders. In "Magnetic Sponsoring," Mike teaches the strategy of the ABC business model.

Mike shows you ways how to implement the business model in your online marketing or MLM business to generate positive cash flow and massive growth. "Magnetic Sponsoring" brings a fresh, high energy approach to network marketing. The term "sellucation", coined by Mike, is enveloped throughout his course.

Educating your prospects and applying the franchise business model presented in the manual is essential for network marketers to become magnetic sponsors. Anyone running and MLM or internet business knows that you must have a lead generation program to obtain prospects. To reach this goal you have to generate prospects by purchasing leads and or advertising. "Magnetic Sponsoring" presents ways to generate prospects for your business if you are on a limited budget. No one wants to put themselves out of business by utilizing an advertising budget that will run them into the ground. Mike claims to have ways to avoid this in his book.

Mike has created a sequel e-book with 13 new reports on the idea of magnetic sponsoring. These are given to you as a bonus for purchasing the book. With a program such as "Magnetic Sponsoring", the concepts presented have to be at such an entry level basis that anyone just starting their marketing program will be able to understand the ideas discussed. For this reason, "Magnetic Sponsoring" is an entry level look at marketing techniques. The real lesson for anyone reading a manual such as this is that the individual has to apply the information presented.

While Mike's information may be an informative guide, it is still the responsibility of the marketer to get out there and put the techniques to work.

You can learn more by visiting Brian's Wealthy Marketer website. Author: Brian McCoy is a six figure earner and one of the top income earners in the home business industry. Brian works with entrepreneurs around the world. He devotes the time, energy, and effort into his team and works with them to ensure their success.

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