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The Dismantling Of Authority

As an ex-CEO of a major lead company, I have built and sold a lead company in what I'll call the hey-day of lead companies. For more than a handful of years now, lead companies in a multitude of verticals have seen huge growth and profits. Let me be the first to tell you, if you don't already know, the hey-days are gone. I was responsible for one the fastest growing lead companies in the industry. I was also fortunate to cash out before the coming storm.

The looming storm for lead companies is a huge opportunity for business owners. Never before in history of the internet has it been easier to create leads and customers with free advertising online. It's seems like there are growing numbers of business owners who have found the secret to the online traffic formula. For more than fifteen years I have been in the business of marketing sales tools that help companies generate more leads and customers.

The combination of a sluggish economy and current state of increased access to massive lead generation capabilities has created the perfect storm of opportunity. If you've seen what has happen to the music industry over the past five to seven years, you'll start to get an idea of what is happening to lead companies. Distribution channels have changed in a huge way.

Forget about being dependant on buying expensive leads or costly PPC campaigns from Google. The small, highly focused entrepreneur who has figured out the online traffic formula can generate massive lead campaigns on their own. The best skill set to have in today's marketplace is the ability to generate leads and customers for any business. The knowledge of how to empower another business owner with this ability to generate massive lead campaigns on demand is the most universal opportunity of our time. Imagine being able to teach anyone how to properly generate leads within any niche market.

How much value can you put on this type of ability? Is it worth a cup a coffee to you or to some business owner you know? It just might be worth more than a chain of Starbuck's and easier to manage as well. The world of internet marketing is changing faster than you can imagine. So I want to encourage business owners to think big, be bold and learn how to generate leads, instead of buying leads, cause now is the time. Copyright (c) 2008 Gil Ortega.

Gil Ortega is an Internet strategist and lead generation expert. He is an author, speaker, and consultant who can be found at http://www.OnlineTrafficFormula.us where shows companies how to create effective customer acquisition systems.

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