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What You MUST Do To Succeed Online Focus On The Right Thing

You've just set up an Internet marketing business and you are feeling excited. But after a while there are no sales from your site and nothing seems to be happening. Then one of those Internet gurus publishes a $144 Internet Marketing Secrets For Beginners courses which is guaranteed to guide you to the promised land of Internet marketing profitability. You jump at the offer even if the price tag makes you wince. You and 1,999 other newbie marketers who are all in the same boat as you! Half of those who bought the course don't even bother downloading the materials.

Half the people who download the materials never get beyond the first couple of lessons. Half of those who actually finish the course don't apply any of the stuff to their own online businesses. Of the 250 people who complete the course and begin to apply the lessons to their own businesses, half get tired of the work involved and go back to what they were doing before. The rest begin to see some improvement to their business, but have not yet made any money at it.

Then, another Internet Marketing Big Shot brings out a course all about "Internet Marketing For Newbies" and word spreads that it also has a good affiliate program. Most of the people who'd completed the first "Internet Marketing For Newbies" course promptly buy the second. and the whole procedure begins once more!! The problem does not lie with the nature of the materials they purchased, nor with the willingness of this group of newbie marketers to put in the hours working. No, it is a question of focus and leverage.

Or rather, it is a question of focusing on the wrong thing - website development, clicking for traffic, chatting in forums, searching for new affiliate programs. buying new "Internet Marketing For Newbies" courses. These are all the wrong things to be focusing on - and focusing on the wrong things is almost as bad as not focusing at all! Okay, so what should you be focusing on? Actually, there are three key steps that you'll need to focus on. First you need to focus on finding a lucrative market.

Second, you need to focus on finding a range of products to sell to the market. Third, you need to focus all your efforts on building a list of people in that market niche to whom you will sell your products. The third step is the one that requires most focus and attention.

Actually, as soon as you have identified a lucrative market, you should start building your list without waiting to locate a list of viable products to sell to it. Obviously, without a list to sell to, no amount of good products will be of any use to you. The question of How To Build A List will be dealt with in my next article, "Focus On Building Yourself A Qualified List Of Customers Who Are Eager To Hear From You And Buy Your Products".

David Hurley is an Internet marketer who is based in Japan and is the owner of http://grasp-the-nettle.com, which focuses on success mentoring for Internet marketing start-ups. Get your own work-from-home Internet business set up free and find out how you can build an online business and master the net.

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