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Working With Autoresponder Email Courses

One of the most successful marketing methods for increasing sales is offering free items to those who visit your website. Free courses by email are very popular; those who find interest in your topic increase sign up for such courses. Autoresponders provide better maintenance and delivery of these courses. You simply set up the autoresponder to send out a series of emails of the lessons. You can set the lessons for distribution at detailed intervals. Determine how often course lessons are sent by email to those who are on your list.

Email courses are different from traditional, web based or any other form of taking a learning course. There is no interaction between the instructor and student. The instructor writes out the information, places the lesson in their autoresponder series, set the timing and the rest is automation. You may opt for daily, every other day, every three days as well as other times you feel is best for your email students. Email courses are popular for selling services or products. For example, let us say you sell widgets.

You may develop a course, teaching others how to care for and use their widget. Do you know that experts agree that when given enough thought, you can build an email course for almost any product or service you can imagine? Determine what course you will teach and how long it should take to finish. If you send a course every other day for two weeks, there will be seven lessons. Write out these lessons and load them into your autoresponder. Set each lessons intervals. In this case, they will be 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13.

Depending on your personal preferences, you may separate the email to a wider interval if your course requires additional studies on your students part. By setting up that way, you allow more time for your students to work up their schedule. However, do not spread the lessons by more than 4 days, because you will lose the momentum. The first lesson goes out one day after you receive the request for the email course.

The second goes out three days after you receive the request for the course and so on. These intervals of lessons are set for the number of days after an individual signs up for your course. Be sure to check your spelling and grammar before sending an email.

This ensures your lessons look and sound professional. Then you will advertise the autoresponder email address to activate the service. You should do a test first, however by sending yourself each lesson. This allows you to see what your students see when they sign up.

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